I’ll be writing a much more detailed explanation soon, but the basic idea here is creating a social media campaign that DARES people to post something “Real” about themselves. A true deep desire, passion, trauma etc… Not just that, but to do so BRAVELY, and to overcome fears about being your true self, without the mask we all wear to protect ourselves from social repercussions. Without trying to impress anyone, or make ourselves ‘look good’ etc… to shed the ego and DARE TO BE REAL!  Use the hashtag #DARE2BREAL and who knows who’s life your story might change. Search the hashtag and who knows how it might change your life as well. This is the foundation of Social Synchronicity at work here, and this is how we make true, deep and meaningful connections with others. Connections that satisfy the TRUE US, rather than that masked versions of ourselves that we generally project out into the world. To obtain true connections that we all deeply desire, you must DARE TO BE REAL!

Sooooo, go ahead… I DARE YOU!


Stay tuned for more details…