Music Production

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been completely fascinated by sound, rhythm, cadence, tone, frequency, etc. Sound is literally the foundation of all of existence, and without it there would be nothing… If this is a new concept for you, I mean this quite literally. While language is a conveyed as sound, Music is a universal language that all living things are in tune with.Music can express emotions almost instantly, and all listeners become empathic towards it, they just “feel it” on an emotional level, and no lyrics are necessary… no language other than the music.

Its not difficult to distinguish between a sad song, a happy song at all, even babies or animals emotions come into alignment with whatever music they hear. Its why “lullabies” can put a baby to sleep, ‘silly’ music makes babies laugh, ‘happy’ music is uplifting, and ‘sad’ music is depressing. Music is the “magic” of the universe, and we are all here on this dimension doing the cosmic dance.

I’m an amateur music producer, and my goal is to create music that takes the listener on an emotional roller-coaster… music that tells a story without words… music that creates the right ‘vibes’ to be able the listener to contemplate & self reflect. Music that elevates out from dark shadow working vibes into profound and blissful states of love.

Although I have dabbled with music my whole life, playing various keyed and wind  instruments off and on over the years, I’m pretty new to music production. I’m inspired by “Lofi” music, and what I hope to be able to accomplish is sort of a fusion between lofi hip hop and chillhop/meditation/mindfulness type of stuff.

More to come soon…